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So I was Adolf Hitler - yeah right.

So I was Adolf Hitler - yeah right.Well I swear. I wrote Mein Kampf, part of a movie script. Setting up Hollywood in Europe we did some cinema try outs. For the good and bad people thought it was The News. Scared we waited for the Germans to come but they didn't.
I even wrote Anne Frank her diary and finished it over here in the Javastraat, go figure.
It was one big mistake because it still happens that if I have my (terminator/god)technology up that a morph into real other people as some sort of stuntman or a made up personage. Japan, China, Europe and even we were caught by panic. In china we build a big wall and lived in the Subways like in Londen or Utrecht.World War II was one big film set and panic broke loose! The American Terminators for example build laser fences on all shores outside America in panic!! Making humanity their war prisoners.
And it still happens sometimes. Even I in modern movies sometimes think I am in real wars!! Of course compensations are payed in Aid form…

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