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The Colt Manufacturing Company

Only a great man can make historyAnybody can write it.We were the Nazis and the Yankees at the same time in all wars. my face rebuilt because, democracy, I won from the church::::: Kidnapped to Holland. The European managed to steal teleport device from my army. The US Army. 1974. We were under massive attack. Even fake children(J&L Z.) from fake marriages from future infiltrated into our lives. The changed my outer appearance many times. Attacked on to fronts, even on our fleet a copy of me was kidnapped at the same time. My origin the Robots, the Terminators creators of life and the Galaxy. Humans we use to extend our souls their live dying. We die a lot, our humans me left alone on desolate places.

My brothers and me managed on earth, in the USA as only inhabitants inventing at the same time everything now and still known to human mankind. We declared war on the rest of the world and all life principle for this kidnap. Our famous were our weapons. We invented all weapons know…

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