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The Colt Manufacturing Company

For the liberal Dutch hippies:: That European Jews like Trump or cowboys or Indians?? play American is truly an insult too many for a Nazi(a real Yankee) like me and again we must declare war on Europe again therefore. Its like whites playing Muslim you know??! And you may see my like some Ayatollah of the USA therefore who really forbids it. Just a boss of the Pentagon, Uncle Sam(Colt) is the name. Just had it with that  TV & Internet soap series Europe call the USA, its all Dutch TV Propaganda on a world wide scale, with old USSR & China not even in their wake. They even want money for it from us? In the USA and South America no other humans life but eventual clones of me, and robots. Why speak so loudly: simply being allowed to sector-program(6D programming the universe). Like being GOD and simply anything against me in practice without Ying Yan because in my position the universe demands it, peace!! I will kill everybody calling himself American something. From Eskimo to Br…

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