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The Girl from The Ring & 9/11

23-2-2017: Since the CIA falsified about everything about 9/11, in comparison to the Pentagon, we publish this. We think that all compensations involving from this should be paid by the government. For us it is an ongoing live threatening situation, since the CIA is protecting the terrorists that harass & kidnapped us.

Since we are prisoners of the one that can help us one moment can got hell and and the other moment they can not, in all my publication it will come back. I discovered that hanging on an x cross in Vietnam lobbying for people to get us off, it is typical. On a cross or not free the prisoners of slavery cannot go quickly enough, it’s the core of anti-terrorism. It only can be one by killing or capture the terrorists.

Below a picture photoshopped by me obliged forced to, her at home one year ago - this article is already shown to me to one year ago (?)- to test my memory and for the news paper and for.......being CIA or church and not democracy
She brought me dead to hos…

The invention of House music - Talking Heads

The invention of House music - Red Cross - Child Porn 

House music was invented in the Vietnam War as reaction on psychological warfare. A beat that (not)kept the officers and war criminals way.
My family, a famous war criminal family, was present and as often they harass famous stars like The Talking heads. In 1983 it happened, the singer, in revenge on my family’s harassment put's a ghetto blaster on stage with the forbidden, even by the Pope’s, beat. 

Out of pity, I was severe tortured again they made me co-camera man. A legend was born. The other House inventors from my platoon busted in, not without us, they were removed. As promised a remark, a claim on the most beautiful music on earth.
Like the singer of talking heads always said, “he we play guitar on it”

The House Consortium & our parrot in revenge on RARA terrorism & in co-operation with the Talkin Heads 2013
This is music history!! At the same time a police report.
the video, just hear the public react on it, like in …