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The Slap and Pop abuses..

Maybe some Dutch people or General’s remember the Nazi/Yankee army of the Colt’s(we) form rescuing Dutch Zeelanders at the “Waternoodsramp” with these Terminator machines. Collecting people with Terminator finesse. They also did with the Tsunamis. Being also a Nazi army is also disguise. To make it seem if we are transporting prisoners for their and our safety, go figure. Controversial? Damm right and maybe the reason you have only choppers in your archives. Ps we are kidnapped by the reason for our disguise, Help is needed!

A Nazi::If animal can do it we can to, something you do not show with a skyscraper, rocket/shuttle, medics or a car.
. How do we let flying discs/ships* fly? How do we close wound with a small device? How do we construct a brain with a machine? How do we machine a leg, arm or finger back onto a body. How do we close hole in the earth made by bombs or meteoroids? With sector programming, nuclear science (the one without radiation, that’s a sowiso). We live in a …