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Colt family weapon and trade mark

A Nazi Bounty Hunter? Read A Yankee Bounty Hunter. For self-protection, most of the people we fought with called us Yankees, we wrote Mein Kampff.

Why does America is just a remain of the First World War. The war against humans and animals. Well we build those cities to train our Terminators for the habits of our enemy. A bad mistake, to practice. To train our human victim soul copies to be professors, a lucky for our common.
again some brain dumps: I just wondered: If my kids and I first created robots, then humans(as souls). How can we than have family? How can someone claim to be the mother of my children. Organized crime did not fit into monkeys and were monkeys, too much pest they gave and as schizoids they are lesser, go figure. We just do not have to whipe them, the reason why they lubrifier poop on hospital walls and not the reason why I clean lesser for example. Schizoid means we made them very stupid (40 - 45 IQ!!! ;-)).  It's just a shame to less people have this in their …