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Are we God? No we are Terminators.

Janick as fluid steel Terminator VS Me as human, theme: fluid steel& coca nostra& they steel our coke. We told the terrorists kidnapping us 2015 in Malibu USA CA. They demanded that God showed himself, Janick showed this Terminator.

Cool thing to know, how Janick looked, he made the self-portrait too, is how we all three and all our clones (maybe over trillion) looked before we started to give shape to the universe, the construction of all elements, Life. Too bad we were harassed from future terrorists.
Are we God?, not as described in the holy books. We are in principle lawless. As creators could be. I had to make an ugly one so his could be placed online. We had a lot of spotters creating the universe, for their and our memory…We wrote the holy books because the religious people could not admire us, they suffer severe jealousy…..they kidnap my children so I do not have to shut about it out of decency…

Are we God? No we are Terminators. That’s through too, like surgeon.
Janick a…