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Text-To-Speech on the Web

military report: RAF making gas bubbles in lava under Holland. Groningen (fake Gas pumps), Limburg and the east for example exploded over the rest of Holland in 2014/15. As marine I(we) also caught them heterdaad. Back then they worked with clones…..Fertilizer ( Kunstmest, which they made illegal some to have more) they then pump in with diesel, think Star Wars Roque one and the explosion one. My kids and I created that one and the last one. Creating Arizona’s crater. Read more about Fertilizer explosives in my blogs. my children and my status, kidnapped by RAF. Seismologic research is inverted!!!, most of the time in old houses of me.....under Utrecht, Amsterdam etc. etc.

The “European” American clique(TV clique) , from Kennedy to Reagan to Trump, all old USSR divisions. As small child I had to train them in Moscow and Siberia mid 70’s(the reason they want to kill me). Obliged to create a national anthem. The reason I had to do for the Dutch too, jealousy and not knowing what they saw…