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Can You count to ten? Microsoft.

Trying to sell windows 10 (in real v1.0 - 1980) we sold it in Amsterdam for around 70 billion dollar. Bill Gates and Dutch government stole the money back saying “Can You count to ten?”. They murdered my children although they kidnapped them into the future keeping them kidnapped. We laughed at them, one of our Terminators placed Dos OS in the DVD while they were walking away. Deleting Window 11,12,13,14 from out Interdev already in 1980 and finally we can say it back: “Can You count to ten?”, after quickly building all other versions. We will not build another Windows. They keep on stealing the money back and we refuse now. Although they might kill me or my children again. Windows can be only build with our IQ (15 cum laude professors), a minimal team of three of us and a lot of Terminators. We already half sized by torture the gang that stole our money. Ray, Janick and Lauren Colt founders of Microsoft USA. Ohw ditto Apple and Linux, Oracle, Unix etc. all really….it wasn't re…