The Colt Manufacturing Company

 Only a great man can make historyAnybody can write it.We were the Nazis and the Yankees at the same time in all wars. my face rebuilt because, democracy, I won from the church:::::
Kidnapped to Holland. The European managed to steal teleport device from my army. The US Army. 1974. We were under massive attack. Even fake children(J&L Z.) from fake marriages from future infiltrated into our lives. The changed my outer appearance many times. Attacked on to fronts, even on our fleet a copy of me was kidnapped at the same time. My origin the Robots, the Terminators creators of life and the Galaxy. Humans we use to extend our souls their live dying. We die a lot, our humans me left alone on desolate places.

My brothers and me managed on earth, in the USA as only inhabitants inventing at the same time everything now and still known to human mankind. We declared war on the rest of the world and all life principle for this kidnap. Our famous were our weapons. We invented all weapons known on earth. Killing European Samuel Colt, duh. Did make all known movies and Computer Games and Computer(Technologies).

And we the makers watched it in plasma 3D!! I have cut out the eyes of the girl claiming the role, for the under water scene. For even raising a word against such trial* we stopped making windows(for the bad to choke me making windows time after time in attempt to steal it) and games&movies. Go f*ck some camels too!!! We say than in the USA. *we gonna k*ll them all....Hollywood closed up shop.:
We managed to escape the siege on our house and jumped to the future using our Hollywood and moves like The Ring and Rings in which we play the lead role. Knowing we would die, fighting with Raymond M., a changed and 40 years already kidnapped Ray Colt, a father and twin brother to an from me. In de hope we would change back into robots again.

my long hair a Nazi statement against Jew
blowjob rapes with side burns
aka Pietje Bell(THE also writer of the books)

My aka's: Jesus Christ (The), Conan the Terrible, Ivan The Terrible & Impaler(Dracula), Napoleon Bonaparte, Raymond Moesker, Samuel Colt(Uncle Sam), Disney, McDonalds, Coca, Jan Pieterszoon Cornelius de Ruyter(the real Michiel, Jan M. changed it in J.P.C. Moesker hijacking me wanting to date Conan or me stealing our undercover appartement in Utrecht), Tolkien, Pietje Bell, Siske de Rat, Hitler, Scarface(The), Sarge, Captain Harlock(hair lock),Satan, Goth, God, Mohamed, Jahwe(I did write all holy books and Lord of the Rings.

Am I God or Satan? Well Yes, together with my brother robots we are indeed Satan and God in one.

my original scar from our Mountain Lion(Puma/Cougar)
Earth a prison camp, a portal to Hell? Some sort of way. Compared to Hell, our torture rooms its heaven. Just for having me kidnapped all humans we exiled to the border of the Galaxy.
Blaming Me
Amsterdam electrocuted 27 times by even my fake children! Siske de Rat they called me.
We just killed 30 Nuns in Egmond were I was placed and half the village.
My face changed I placed at Riek and Jan. Birth pictures, more clones of me,
even babies were used and killed. I took pictures of my execution from the AIVD and we made these films with it. Giving them the most dangerous secret service job in the world and they don't even know it.
A song I recorded with my brothers at Ruigoord. A song recorded in Malibu in my garden same era.
the three headed dragon -  my kidnap - being plastic surgery into three outer appearances - although terminator designs!!

the nixon/kennedey kid
both eliminated by us, Nixon and Kennedey that is

conan kid
moesker/hilton kid

How we and I even in my garden electrocuted Janick & Lauren back and how that looks with his own invention:

My homes, we are the richest of the world, owning both America's:
the Colt Residence in Paterson
the factory - arrived in future my brothers and me boats from Malibu
Point Dume Malibu and all houses in Beverly Hills and Bel Air really.....houses I was kidnapped from

Our factories: The Colt Manufacturing Company an all American companies really....

me in 2020, brown eyes removed, 40 kilo muscles, black hair removed:
me in 2014/2015, Amsterdam, repaired to my original me, with a Terminator and witnesses(last home):
We prevented this young Ray/Conan/me to marry Deborah A. daughter of Peter A. in A'dam, Peter and Deborah were killed. It was a forced marriage, Deborah was a nose cutter, cut a hole in my skull slaved me in her apartment making me a Terminator robot, I eliminated both bodies but she could be placed back by copy machines, at thw samw timw I killwd this Ray who turned himself into a gay for Deborah, well not in my outfit,,,,,):(Anneke A. her mom in our band)
As Terminator(s) maker of all movies, games, and books. Ray Colt my father/
twin brother from future living 1st at the Zambesidreef X3x6, World champion
boxing, karate, Judo, free fighting - the farm at Koningslaan we used to train and hide - he was also
teacher at kindergarten de Trekvogels and head master at Van Heuvengoedhartschool -
he was kille marrying teacher Annelies, she married right another on spot
- see my photo albums - a co-murderer she appeared to be - he was burned behind
Tietus Brandma
The reason they gave me blue eyes was “or else no one believes he is my father”, well that can be explained in a lot of ways As an escape key for my children, keeping me dumb, knowing that I had brown eyes, knowing they had brown eyes?, they are my children?, for me “he loves me”. Well anything further than camouflage I say f*ck that too and declare war too. I gave it a thought before they did this or could do this to me. Forced marriage forced children is also a back-up that can be used in two ways….I aborted them with green AZU towels to keep their syndrome down heads(filmed) separated in the body bags because I really do not want children with ugly woman.....look how hansom I was....superstitious. My 4 year old me did too, so I can only accept them to be my children if we are on the soul/plasma level twins or they are not even the Mother her children, but my test-tube sydrome down mf's - a Judge did forbid me making my children also, I as hostage had bind to families so he had cousin Mark M. made Marisse pregnant...."let them do it themselves"(2016 they came with Mark and RARA to beat me up, threw acid on my head, I changed into a Terminator, I died, threw the acid back, ended up in Moscow destroying the last portals, killed all human clones on the planet)

War Amnesia, divorced, my name changed into Colt again, Mark did forbid it. Raped Marisse and Mark together, cut out his balls, we (Terminators) created the twins and inseminated her.....we took Lauren out placed her a yer later into Marisse...Mark did also execute me in Amsterdam see Ring movies, calling themselves the real Colts which we will not have....

War between the big man on earth, planting Janick and Lauren inside me.
Me flying through the Twin Towers on 9/11 in attempt to kill them. Well at least I
had no breasts anymore....but THE Reality
Human mankind since his existence dominated first by some f*cking giant T-Rex than I Giant Sea snake and White whale, than the Dinosaurian bringing war trauma causing the earth to blow up. We warned The Hague for it taking same position in domination, like an Adolf Hitler causing the earth to blow. They blocked my RLDU blog on I removed and build it again with the same “threat”. Its blocked again, washing their hands in innocence. The reason why elections do not make sense working with the same Judges year after year. Sorry I am democracies resistance, murderer of Pim Fortuyn and responsible for all political also natural deads!! Killing fascist causing me to blow with that f*cking earth. All my murders were on the lie detector self-defense, make no mistake. On the other hand we blow the earth every 10 years to kill those dominators by applying no maintenance to the kernel.

a bleh: Peoples always ask me how do you determine who to shoot...

My position as US-international army is above governments and courts. Like say I make a in Bagdad for whatever what reason. And a Judge Iraqi or Dutch interferes with I will have him shot or do and did it myself. Because that's also the situation with Holland and the US. I am not only a hostage, I am still an active General of all divisions of the US Army!!! A country with no immigrants and only clones of me.

Do you know that I have infected myself with leprosy to infect the people who visit my house here? :-) Just enough, sniff around, sniff around, Programmed it in with warts as parasite of the virus. The never take prisoners of war!! All soldiers do that. The 20 million deads we had to make in Yugoslavia.Or what happened after our crucifixion in Jeruzalem. For mr. know it all: I have to develop a new anti-virus. Grace P. adapted my face already...from future....not the Colets

"De Zwarte Hand"

police report:
This is Geesje Z, as hooker in our Yab Yum 70's where the Heineken conspiracy started. A black mail film she made herself but the BVD wanted the ransom, we just closed...f*ck them..we stopped all European AID we delivered as US troopers....

Angel Dust, our weed
steeling the shops from us(read the Dutch government we work for then)
and we took the hallucinations away(sector programming/("gods") creation))
a bit like human dreams really which we do not
deliver either anymore

Embarrassment of my entity and rear name.
Nor that we are going to let live, not knowing that we are The Colts for government officials and non that is....."doubting" the above story or pictures for whatever reason

We really do not have money, no inhabitants. The Dutch think I have military money which we made them believe also as warfare. Money they pay compensations with. In the end they do that with their own money. We delivered Aid as troopers building those companies, again with the locals their own resources. Still nothing they stole from us, just selling for the Dutch government and next they stole it? Calling me pimp, stealing my name for my own factory. We were looking for buyers like say for Heineken and they stole they factory from their own resources. Nor do renounce from those American brands in America. Colt we did not build because we do not allow the brand Colt outside the USA, with war and bombardments that is.

Crucifixion, electrocution, 45 years kidnapped etc etc....note we will kill anyone involved, despairing or not, economically, non related, with our name Colt  and our legacy - all over the world. We already did, of the news, for example Sadam, Khadaffi, Kennedy, 9/11 called themselves Colts too....

 An SR 71, often used for satellite maintenance, a plane I invented for it will do the job too bringing me home, certainly with >mach 6 engines....

At least & already a last robot standing, of the Ray species,, that makes us, the robots, winner of the War -  GA Ray Colt, uncle Sam, who wants to be the biggest man on earth and in the Galaxy. Who will kill all who humiliated him, dared him for a vendetta, no matter how many. Booked under name, stay off the creation when we say it. Like changing my Conan, genocide is than necessary as some sort virus control.

my twin brothers and me, me from future,
janick chopping his legs of in USA
- we are painters
the robots

I have got bigger problems than my two human children Janick and Lauren. Waking up every morning as human and not as promised as a Terminator in our hibernate beds became a normal for the others. Tortured by humans and Terminators. For armed forces a human hostage situation is the most simple assignment there is. For example. It made me a long term hostage. Reporting it too. And who isn't a bit guilty of it...Jesus Christ&*$#$@*&#@!!!! Being cloned Being cloned Being cloned.....doesn't say anything to no-one
bill gates skynet

The original Black Beauty from the Colt Manufacturing Factory & Malibu after he was forced to commit suicide in the movie The Ring(s)

making this drawing of my wife back than was also to indicate Lauren and Janick were infiltrators, making her a Goddess
albums(fu manchu) I made, they got stolen but with Janick and Renee on them. I had created them original, with syndrome down. See R with typical Syndrome down arms. The Court could not use them as evidence. I had no choice to repair hem like this, they were some sort of extincted or changed their souls to much with stolen gear causing big bangs, or something.
hardcore getest
als ze van janick(links) een mongool maken of lauren dan leven ze nog, ik
ben dan niet te re-animeren....Riek his sister as mongole my so called mom
München Hitler's speech: In Reality it was my speech about decentralization of the German(EU) weapon industry because of ongoing Terrorism, on behalve of Colt USA. The Nazi clothes to scare terrorists away and to lure terrorists like Adolf who also came from future and his falsifying history equipe. Go Figure.....Did you know I wrote the law(all) upon human behavior & their warfare? So whatever a Judge, politician or Senator adds to it, it will not change the crowd its behavior(think war and revenge). Its based upon true self-defense. Although enemy keeping me as enemy hostage will lead to war, always.

How we changed the place were I life begin 2016, end 2015 after post producing Starwars movies and Mandalorian. Janick, Lauren, Renee and Martin did changed it back. Also with beekeeper gear making my walls yellow again. I was taken to Moscow and we destroyed the last teleportals over there in revenge. The only way I can be a camera man....believe kids were not allowed on the set pushed back with other RAF members - i CREATED ALL MOVIES KNOWN TO HUMAN MANKIND FOR THIS AND ONE REASON - REVENGE

Voor politie BELANGRIJK hoe ik ook getest ben, in 2015 nog: De kinderen vragen of ze resultaten met exacte vakken zelf behaald hebben zonder tussenkomst van ouders. Daar kun je uit herleiden of ze schizoïde/mongolide omgebouwde zijn of niet!! Marisse, Marc en Martin niet bijvoorbeeld..... Want om eerlijk te zijn moeten de kids en ik de leugendetectoren testen voor elkaar verfrommelen, wat ook gebeurde in Malibu, het is dat we pistolen hadden....ik geloof dat de kids niet slaagden voor de test

Wat ik The Mandalorian op tape heb gekregen is niet alleen mijn eerste smidse maar ook The Colts, mijn broers mijn gilde. Ook betrokken bij mijn uitlevering aan Nederland en gezichtsverandering. Qua schadeclaim dus niet alleen de schuld van RAF NL zeg maar, maar een interne afrekening(te ver gaan met rituelen, het Jezus ritueel in deze). Ik heb alle omgebracht op de film set. Gewoon voor mijzelf en little Ray en ben de laatste levende Colt. En achteraf heb ik en wat clones van me Colt groot gemaakt terwijl de anderen niets deden of naar de film set waren gesprongen waar ik ze ombracht(en dat zonder klanten. Mijn moorden waren gelukkig zelfverdediging en zo vond ik dat ook en we voor de tijd dat lil Ray bij me was.
lil ray - the kid  
normaliter plegen we zelfmoord om weer Terminator te worden, voor onze mensen ikkies bouwden we dan een Guillotine - deze is ooit gestolen uit Malibu ten tijde dat ik ontvoerd werd. In A'dam/Westzaner polder had ik er ook een 2015.
my stove after inventing all drugs and back in Malibu after 4 years as a child in Holland 1979 - chicken stew
my trip to the USA 2013/14, alone, I was briefed
Eens creeërde wij het leven in warehouses like in the movies en hangzaken. Daar lachte de mens ons om uit dus mogen ze dat zelf dun. Het leven creëren en baren van de dieren en dinosaurussenen volwassenen. De burgemeester en de Hollanders laten mij echt toen met een vuilniszakje over straat gaan dus mogen zei het doen. Zou de Burgemeester met zijn vriendjes zich moeten herinneren. De reden waarom ik op een boerderij woonde maar over hun achterste wrijvende.......achteraf Marylin der buik, daar zat ook een kalf in..Anderen mogen bomen maken en groente en platen hoeveelheid strafmaatregelen bepalen de mensen zelf

wat janick en lauren betreft weet ik veel dit is wat er gebeurd is, dit mijn brain wash, ze hebben zich onzichtbaar gemaakt voor de leugen detector en zelfs dna testen, net als ik. en we hebben zelfs dieren geworpen om onzichtbaar te blijven of zogenaamd- terminator visors zullen uitkomst brengen - toen we klein waren hadden we die op ook in onze star wars films - wat ik me kan herinneren is dat ze toen rood van kleur waren en ik ook(team blauw zeg maar is de robot unie - na Nazis/yankees) - ik moest ze dulden en onthoofd ze sinds dag 1 dat ze op mijn schoot zijn geworpen zo van ik ga geen joden opvoeden - Mein Kampff, boeken van Lenin en Marx, en de heilige boeken door mij geschreven in gevangenschap, ook de tweede wereld oorlog door mij verzonnen met Duitsland en de Nederlandse bezetting als voorbeeld en betoog dat de mensen buiten de USA zijn vrijgelaten door de robots(als gevangenen na mijn ontvoering vlak na de schepping) en in vrijheid leven, na Duitsland zeg maar. Dat geld helaas niet voor mij, als gegijzelde van de Nederlandse staat(mijn Duitsland zeg maar) die mijn vervoersmiddelen(boten en transporters), identiteit, en bezittingen maar blijft stelen.

Being a hostage of your "own" children all your live before they were born and a country race not capable to win their wars, having been my Imam in this. Well we have declared war on them both. A working for one person Guillotine with privacy will bring a Windows copy as only deal, as it did in the past. Normally we build one for our humans for if our Terminator dies and we can only produce a human with our soul in it. Did you know I invented the Guillotine? And not Guillotine? I killed him for it.
SkyNet enetred the film set to in war with my so called kids and trators - showing his balls once again - with a small surprise a real living baby Obi-Wan Kenobi & what should have been StarWars movie no 1.
another prove how much fat was added(>35 kg) to my body after the movie - 
I am not going to make movies with this fat body either

The governments that do not want us to
update the earth's kernel so that they can reside despite mismanagement. They have been successful for 50 years, but for everything a last time. Our enemies who made that possible have been defeated and kicked out of our robots. Including me so-called infiltrated children.

Did you know we became famous as The Coca Nostra meaning the Colombian Cartel(Cocaine) aka the Coca. Our name Colt is derived from Co. lt. meaning Commander Lieutenant. Our black drink was named after another title of us Co. LA. meaning Commander Los Angeles. We named it Coca Cola. Like the brand Colt really it did not came from AHOLD USA, the (global & aid)A brand company from the US Army.

For having me kidnapped we most probably need to blow the planet. After that humans will be tortures a couple years. Next they may create life for us. Bear and give birth that is. Like last time, like in the 70's on the Dam.....Something I would never do to my own children....thats how I know too they are not mine...
Valerian and the city of a thousand planets, a movie and a military report: the agents in reality Janick and Lauren as Terrorists, not my children, Alpha a space station once build in the 70's to take away iron from earth tos stabilize the planet. I bought it honest including taxes and needed to place Alpha far away from earth again to stabilize it. All real footage's from the seventies!!! Next we had to build Deadstar again to remove iron from this planet. First the moon, second Aplha third Deadstar. Again I bought it for 90 trillion Euro. We were left with 1.2 trillion euro with the USA(I created it) as personal property and collateral a deal. The Senators: funny real Senators from all over te world with a DNA face over to have some sort of Q20 at Alpha. To celebrate our survival and peace. 

In 2015 we jumped to the future with all our RC's to buy me free over here. The government was not buying it. Destroying human min kind's it future up to Windows 19. And no not even I am going to program it again. The why there was always an empty army bag in my closet, growing up in Utrecht. 

It’s obvious the Colt family is a gangster family named the Coca Nostra, Hells Angels, Mickey Mouse Mob, the US Army and Colombian. Having our invention the fire arm exploited on the internet under we will punish with dead, for involve that is up to the prime ministers. Just for insulting us, also by other gangsters that is, for being business man.

Janick's his murder attacks, recorded in a self portret I made. The black hat was repaired in Utrecht. The Dutch Court/Justice and Government must be insane to call these my children officially. That's all I say about it. Other hint L&B Pizza(L&B Spumoni Gardens), a pizza joint of Renee and Lauren back in the day, showing us she was not family of us. their dna is altered in Utrecht and Dallas creating their first cell splits by me and a robot!! Already have been on the lie detector and paid for.
me as American native - a black girlfriend from the future cut of my hair - they beat her up for it - at that moment we tried more black skin - traveling from Malibu to Colorado to escape the tsunamis:: young Ray Colt/Conan

Chief White Nose, later he became Scar-face
the black: paint, European we saw where afraid for Africans
old tipi's we really lived in, these ones, traveling or to build cities - the holes to discourage cows to make holes - so yes real natives, we the colts lived in those tents with cows to carry them or not
some of our horses/Mustangs I found on pinterest - the film industry hated us again
Malibu stables
Black Beauty 1st edition with t-rex head

Black Beauty 2nd edition with after the war
Black Beauty 3nd edition modern Mustang

lauren & janick their horse*, malibu, point dume 1975 - the blue thing/stone/feather to remember me as robot - below playing in the movie Adam with Janick next to me his soul captured inside a robot as hostage * they were thrown in our Malibu from future as child soldiers, we kept them as hostages, the horse was needed to ride to higher grounds

2015 - video clip heb ik gemaakt en mix on stage(voeten zijn van mijn jongere clones) - janick en lauren afgeleverd in club - geloof R'dam - namens hun en robots - "ze hebben alles gegeven wat ze in ze hadden" - spionen ruil mislukt - ik ben nog hostage - wraak was alle empire gear van de mensen stuk gemaakt -  en ja gabber en derrifraten waren de eerste house music van de robots, California early 70's en wat later de mensheid - de radio stilte van 1980 - 1985 zo een commercial zet geweest moeten wezen van muziek dieven

My "coffee" shop Andersom - Utrecht's Empire bunker complex again discovered after earthquake because waste separations - situated under the Dom Church up-to the Nieuwe kerk and st jacobus and st Janskerk - my smithy from Malibu was situated in basement Andersom seen in the Mandolorian star wars series where we eliminated it(we took it to the film set on other planet) - my old front porch with janick painted on it with a black wig - several attempts to magic Janick his real dad who saved his live more than once from both martins failed - he was killed on spot also by Janick - we made a empire transito from it but it was erased by my memory loss after being placed at riek's early 70's - a miss in Principe because it was the only way to have a contact spot with rhe empire and sky net to rebirth humans for example - like a doctor who is always on vacation - we recorded x-man movies to store some archive material about it

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