Trump 2020 & Tickle Toe Gnome

How the news/brainwash is brought: China - VS this YouTube movie contains images about me in a bomber with jets as companion flying to China, dropping COVID's fungus viruses and Anti-antibiotics like Priceline after the Tsunamis 2014.

The killer virus
Yes I am a hostage. After torture imprisoned placed in my old home. Yes I am a soldier and Jesus Christ, for real. The bible & Jesus Christ Superstar both made to remember the Killer virus. That Jesus was a soldier. To hopefully remember the killer virus. Leprosy. To remember not to crucify hostages leading to Geneva laws etc. To remember not to eats soldiers their meat or even smell it! Not to take hostages at all.
 Like already said, soldiers inject themselves always with next gen viruses. Viruses so strong that total continents get infected! Like happened with me as Jesus, like happened over here in street 4 years ago. War trauma its causes form day one, I can sense that on for example the police force. I have seen people smell or eat my meat 4 years ago, even from A'dam. My amnesia caused by torture!! yours by the killer virus. I am the only one who can make a anti-virus!! COVIDS are fungus viruses who we inject into volunteers to support the penicilline stem! Must be the virus. :-) I am and looked like Conan Exiles, my original body. So approx 40 kilogram infected meat has been spread. Once I have been Napoleon, so I can even sense the French their amnesia. And all humans are freshly created last round!! So its not war trauma. Its called Leprosy, the real Covid-19, the real crazy cow disease!(Zombie cows & humans!) For the movie "The Dead Don't Die 2019", recorded in 2015, we used real victims of last round with their approval, as you can see the virus hits everyone, even rock stars!!!

The Ghost virus serial killer
So if I can not travel from Washington to Amsterdam without being turned into a hostage. No-one can travel to the states. Not for punishment but to prevent I would be a hostage in my own country. And that would be the case like so many times before. And in principle this is the same for patrouilles in these parts of the Galaxy and my real home. Back and forth to this Milky Way.

This means we can not take care for President elections, for real. Some preparations are made before and also in Europe.

Travel back and forth? The shield that protects the US soil also protects the rest of the world against annual flood disasters. They will now appear every 10 years or so followed by a exploding earth. Without maintenance that is, what we do in the States, the back and forth if I am not a hostage.

I must warn for the earth exploding for the 26th time. I showed all world leaders the Galaxy its decision lately: a total decomposition of our milky way, it even expanded the Galaxy for it as showed in our computers. Its costing too much energy which will lead to a collapse of the Galaxy making recreating the milky way impossible for example. Humans can not survive anywhere else in space, make no mistake!! Re-create I will not, because I was tortured for it by the Galaxy!! What most call hell, still

our earth blows every 10 years, when it is to difficult to repair
we might need to explode our milky way
because of the exponential expansion of space(cosmic inflation)
we even need to explode and rebuild the entire Galaxy
with a time span I can not tell, yet
What do I care, well I was taken hostage from Malibu leading to a big World War and indeed we think about them sometimes to. Its our private spot to surf and celebrate our dead. I program, create and install the Galaxy its Neutrinos (smallest particle, smaller than a quark) and Strings(elementary particles of the Galaxy), we call it sector programming and the Creation and its sector programming. The String Theory a complementation of my study at Pepperdine and work aged 6, placed back in Malibu(as human go figure). Humanity its Maths, Physics and Chemistry I invented with it. And even Microsoft(read more). Making us kill 3000 German politician in Bonn for fun!! The rest moved to Berlin back in the day.

How a human souls is constructed, in this case mine. I also educated humans to do so but they rather became mongols. His past and future connections. For time traveling the Strings need to be rebuild on arrival and the body. The connecting Sring means I am a Time traveler, without I would resolve. Do other humans have this? No. The reason why they resolved in the USA after teleport travel jumps. We are hunting humans pretending to be the inventors of these sciences. Because we are. Also funny as weapon maker: big or a lot explosions cause the strings to move causing war trauma. Permanent if you can not repair the soul. Its like shaking babies too much.
errors in creating souls leaded to obligation creating copy (mp3) & time travel machines for humans, these days those errors are not possible
my soul as human
is I remember correctly, made out fear for tsunamis,
and having seen humans in future
my original soul/robot soul is million times
more complicated
is the inventor of souls or these theories GOD& The Devil?
I think that's a big DUH!
me after being hit by brace knuckles amongs by Janick
my rehab after the above war trauma and brain and soul damage - see movie

Ray Colt

The why is it illegal to investigate me. The why I am guilty of (mass) executions. I am some sort of government of the USA and the space force protecting it and earth. A general of the armed forces. I just lost my guards in a fight in Holland. DID YOU KNOW SF FROM SCIENCE FICTION IS A COVER UP FOR SPACE FORCE(in Hollywood terms, mening made by the US Space Force troopers)

The why I gave all humans but me* Syndrome Down is they wanted it. A more simple life form to survive the exploding earth every 10 years. To sent to space with me dna fathers to recreated the human race. To make it more simple for me to magic by hand as Terminator to recreate as many as humans as my threads would allow. Reversible for most. So I am must be a good Nazi. * I need to morph back into a Terminator who need a more complex soul for starters

Who is gonna pay for it, well I am Uncle Sam, I am a Trillionaire. I invested a lot of goodwill in the rest of the world and I placed a lot of money on the bank in Swiss, Germany and Holland in 2014-2015 again. Its confiscated or obscured. A bit of my Gold I show in the Pirates of The Caribbean and the Hobbit. All mined by the guilty ones who confiscated or obscured it. We do that in "Moira" somewhere in space and not many slaved return from that! Or we make sure of that! For even investigating and discriminating, setting me aside, calling me not Ray Colt etc etc! Believe me Kings and Kings, politician, bankers, police officers and their families and friends.We sell Microsoft, Games and movies to humans to make it also possible to life on this planet, things they are not able to make. Certainly not without us and we really stopped giving aid to humans!!! So managing, inventing, test, implement String is called sector programming. What we the robots do, as God, duh! The current governments are more like some leaders of protest groups, like with gangs. The only thing what they do is demanding what they personally want what is good for their elections. Even controlling other peoples their private property. Control looks good everywhere and anything they must think. Technically they are filthy hippies & punkers in suits interfering with Pentagon stuff and soldiers. On this planet a dead penalty!! Still. Anything beyond a bannière......To give some punkers/hippies anything to say about US army money is not smart!
2010-2014? Expedition USA
some bullets to kill myself
our jargon, the difference between the Dutch and me: I see three times small and one heavy fire on my tank. The Dutch see four times heavy fire. They would inspect a dagger in mail for example or a ice picker. Making affectation legal it is. We get a bullet in the heart for it in the USA working for the Pentagon!!!
They even kidnapped me to Dutch national TV to explain the difference
you tell me

The reason they could kept me hostage in Holland was a hostage situation including thousand of hostages of younger "clones" of. Who liberated followed by a counter attack. So in principle the 
hostage situation except mine was ended in 2015/16, hence the body counts I published. A matter of Math.

we deliver and own nuclear power, so we have the highest knowledge and therefore rank

as humans we Dare too!!

Two I am not going to pay for an European American President is assets, see above. Trump I say has bought a Boeing 747 named Air Force one, financed(€500.000.000,-) by stealing a Military transporter from me and a couple GOV Pantser Escalates. Those I want back, if not see above. How? Well I am the one who creates humanity, I will kill the NATO military staff/Politician and families by not copy them back after next explosion, read below. That's how. If necessary, if I manage again like above.

notes Fairbanks Alaska:
via china, and a boat from I jumped to 2012 - stranded in Alaska - way to late - 1st jumps where to 2010 but forced to make Iron man - we could have prevented tsunamis from 2013!! I hope now without any Hollywood ambition we can manage an expedition - think protecting lotto winner against politician with politician and KL soldiers like we did in the past!! stopping them in their touring cars!! I played once a winner too - ended up as coffee shop owner/pimp in Arnhem :) - most probably I am last robot/human - the rest died in flat liner last operation - they are now record in SkyNet's database - will be created after my certain dead - that is after tsunami like say 2024

if I do not manage I could pass exact dates in return to humans/Brussels & the Hague

sf-2012-51? science fiction? a bad police officers id? 51?division 51 record 51?
hunted I escaped from my hunters - the winter killed them
kidnapped to Holland, back in the day I even changed my skin color to escape my kidnap, out of discus of the white race being such cowards in real wars, we did a lot business in the Eastern countries, see prev blog for pics - obliged to had this picture made 2015 - the secret service knew I was going to look for this sleeping back - I was killed on spot - changed into Terminator and now I am in ol Ray his body again - looking for expedition gear? well I could leave the humans out on creating the earth, we also do that by longitude as is visible over here and on multiple places in the USA - if the Dutch kill me with their big bang again, I am allowed to kill some Dutch too::::: for insiders: I even bought a Nazi flag to have more attention from the shield eventually, something I can do, others not

For the Dutch, Russian and German Armed forces?:
The King of Holland his origin is Belgium. Make no mistake he wants to embarrass the Dutch. Like he forced me to in the movie “Spiderman far from Home”. You will see some Dutch in the “Oertijd”/”Pre-history”. He goes as far has causing high floods destroying Holland. Floods are earth’s punishment for not living on it according to the rules. Rules like for example!! you create 100 kilo Stainless steel, you than also must create 30 kilo cast iron, or else you might get killed. You create 100 kilo plastic, you have to recycle 60 kilo of it and burn 40 kilo’s. All how for example Holland is set up. All in contrary what’s The Hague and their King is educating and practicing in the name of more modern science. Logic for brain washed students and graduated. Logic is also Belgium is still fighting the war with Holland. OK? I can verify this! The Pentagon. The real one.

product adulteration!! - Colt(my family and me) only makes US Army firearms and bayonets - it's totally insane to think that an army can make a profit from commercial companies making weapons and planes - that's just for Google maps and to ruin the enemy - exactly what in Holland they have in mind - I, owner of the Colt Weapon factory, does not give permission to make these weapons with our name on it - for the rest be happy with you commercial weapons and missouri economies but not with my name on it!!! We even work in uniforms in our factories and seen by European! That we will kill all responsible that I will promise! All! We have had it with that Moesker thing and those two fake children. And really I do not bluf! So when I write these things, just like with Iraq from Holland or from Washington, a political solution will not be up hand!
it is true this knives designs come from our hands but made to protect our
stash M9-Bayonets from thieves/kidnappers

Next Tsunami and Big Bang Round:
So what Aid do we boycot, what has been stolen or broken:
- nautic support vessels
- luxe nautic/space vessels
- medic Aid
- weapon support and development
- film, computer and game industry
- raw materials
- car and plane industry
- space programs
- constructions Aid
- food Aid
- etc.
So all I will offer is placing humanity back or not(I am kidnapped!). Again its insane to think humans are necessary. And Yes some I will not place back.

Me in B52H Bomber 2015 - before the Dutch f*cked my eyes again to contra speak me being a US soldier
My last word about the fake Corona virus:allergie-informatie allergie-informatie allergie-informatieallergie-informatie allergie-informatie allergie-informatie allergie-informatie
COVID-19 = Cooperative-virus determined 19
Ammonia(pneumonia(languages ditto sometimes)), my horses and cows and brother were dying from it. We had to create 29 fungus's(COVID  1-29). To change penicilline into a medicine, also a fungus the master of the COVID stem. Also my invention!! I discovered polio, so the the whole world calls it polio or I shoot you dead!! Like with our weapons. I really am a real CIA/Pentagon police/boss on these matters ok?! Just for the global amounts of deaths so called interesting TV horny people cause with it! The Dutch keep me hostage for it, to be the most interesting humans on earth, the most intelligent University!! Name givers they think they are! They even changed my name into Moesker instead of my own Colt. They even make up an American president!!! They kill innocent people! Even I was injected by blue hospital soap, calling it Corona, later salmonella. I threw a 747 through the hospital. Of course I can verify this on the lie detector!
They even inject Dutch GOV people with female hormones and sell and relabel pregnancy tests as Corona tests. Giving me some breast, next a artificial big belly!!! And again its an repetition of a 2014/15  Corona coupe attempt! That is the difference between a fake CIA and real! Just like those doctors and professors. Nice for in the bedroom ... or warfare or both - but believe like last time we shoot people down for this for even keeping yeast out of stores!!! Just to stay professional. see prev blog about Corona and pictures!!. That means they can not create viruses, I can and only I. That means Cooperative-viruses can not form a virus on their own or without me. Most of all we are talking about a fungus which is used as medicine!!! and plain mass murder. So lang as I am Uncle Sam, I determine which weapons are available for humans, also pan epidemic and nuclear. Because I programmed the universe like that. Simple I made sure of that. For myself, for my family. I think we need to top those murders!!!

I created 29 assistant fungus's for penicilline, 19 were active. The 19th was called corona virus because it is Dermatophytosis. Because of the theft because it was the 19th we had to activate fungus 20-24 so we have now still 5 reserve fungus left to power up penicilline. The why do we really shoot people messing around on this pandemic level!? 

Gevalletje Schoenmaker blijf bij je leest:
Dus een laatste waarschuwing moet ik geven wat ik ga jullie echt het massagraf in schieten als er niet opgehouden wordt Corona anders dan met anti schimmel zalf te bestrijden!! Serieus! Net als 4-5 jaar  geleden!! We hebben zelfs de tijd terug moeten draaien om 5 reserve schimmels(nodig voor een soort schuif register, penicilline heeft dit nodig, kijkt er naar zeg maar) te kunnen sparen, voor Den Haag de grote massa moordenaar op aarde en redder, lekker puh! De mensheid sterft uit zonder penicilline!! De reden waarom mijn soldaten geld wordt verduisterd. Niet eerlijk vind ik. Maar massagraven zijn soms echt noodzakelijk!! De tijd terug draaien kan niet meer omdat we toekomst moeten creëren. Ook een reden waarom groot is ingezet de teelportals te vernietigen. Om jumps naar het verleden te stoppen. Hoe bedoel je aanstelleritis met een snelheid van dikke stront! Ben ik ook voor neergeschoten! Niet eens voor op dit niveau fouten maken. Go figure. Niet toegeven, Niet toegeven. Maakt niet uit. 'beter goed gejat dan slecht bedacht' toch Den Haag? Was dat niet het motto van echte kapers? Prutsers! Echt waar alle Corona plasma foto's zijn van mijn Coca Cola computer gestolen in Malibu 2015! Tegelijk kidnapte ze mij naar Nederland. Coca Cola? Ja... schoon drinkwater of Cola was niet genoeg om niet uit te sterven, vroeger en nu! Nog belangrijker is dat ik echt niet 29 virussen die gevaarlijk zouden kunnen zijn ga creëren voor een longontsteking. Iedere arts/doctor/professor besluit dan tot transplantatie, niet? Nieuws uit 2015, artsen die ik aan/neergeschoten voor het inbrengen van dialyse apparatuur in een slachtoffer zijn buik plaatsen en vals nieuws!! Schandalig weer Den Haag dit gelijk halen. Vorig keer haalde ik dit nieuw Haagse killer virus genaamd uit de penicilline schimmel stam. melaatse brak uit. Alsof jullie mijn Corona aankunnen of verwijderen. Daar gaat het denk ik over. Lekker universitair weer. Daar voor moet je echt GOD wezen, nerds. Das geen kwestie van wanen. Verwijderen doe ik weer als ik niet op korte termijn meel en gist mag kopen! mafkezen.

You might think because I am kidnapped they stole Coca Cola and McDonald's from me. But we enforced that society(like elections) because of me being here, make no mistake. We will punish for no wheat flower or Yeast in the shop too. Not only for insulting the University, common for regimes and they all know me personally. By the fist, by the gun.

Never seen a Penicillin family fungus? Calling yourselves university?Disgraceful!! calling me a junkie!

Dermatophytosis(in this case good to see under your microscope!! not on skin a have to write probably for really stupid people):

a plasma camera personal picture from me, stolen by the AIVD
made with nuclear technology which is secret outside
the USA and Space Force
these look like luft balloons
viruses look like war!

en nu is slootwater met diertjes of algen er in Kringworm(Dermatophytosis)?(een foto die ik nam op school kamp in Oldebroek 1983) op Internet, ik, heyt is mijn uitvinding ga alle studenten, Artsen en politici over de hele wereld hiervoor uitroeien ok? Ik zal dit ooit moeten herstellen. En vermoord echt iedereen die me aan het werk zet! geloof nou maar!
My teacher Mrs. H*ller was killed for these pictures having them on
a computer, a computer that had to be invented in future according by a Gates and Rutte
fungus - Dermatophytosis - corona/kringworm huidschimmel
meer niet sukkels - ik heb Alexander Fleming niet voor niets vermoord
on other hand we killed all cattle in Europe
for feeding mature meat
do it yourself
we might again
geld voor de Nobel prijzen alleen al!
too many of these, I not only  know as crazy cow eliminator you than not only ask
for anti fungus salve but also injections for anti crazy cow disease - it stays a fungus that might raise after a lot of contact with animals - injections that can come from me only as Terminator - I even developed the tiniest virus in the world as helper virus for it, it can be used for multiple "space dust" it can travel through the human body - the virus looks like two pyramids glued together on their big squares - I once painted on my wall - its not strong enough without injections, one of the reasons why human also decided not to expand on the American continent!!

The smallest viruses in terms of genome size are single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) viruses. Perhaps the most famous is the bacteriophage Phi-X174 with a genome size of 5386 nucleotides. However, some ssDNA viruses can be even smaller.

evidence: I saved one pound from working in England, the rest I have spent in England, also on a new Rolls Royce Wraith, even seen at my front door where I live now

wapens? denk je dan...nee dit is de reden dat ze me gijzelen....

Behind scene/world politics reality::
humans are not allowed to enter or alter level 1!! not even me, first I need to enter a Terminator
so that gives a no worry about killer viruses!
also an impossibility to kill or lower my Corona COVID -19!! its sector programmed(determined) in SkyNet like:(making a lock down impossible!)
LOOP; if(COVID_19<0) CreateNew_COVID_19();
code I uploaded as Godzilla - see mouth beam - undercover!!
even our tortures are programmed like this!
level three is monkey or cowards level, kindergarten even for 4 years old - funny it could be at war that's all
wheat flower or food as we no it, is all level 3, innocent warfare
level 2, real man and woman! but who is embarrassing who? it should be GOV level
well if a manage I will eliminate yeast again* as revenge on me making it with water and dough again!
wanna fight biological? your on magots *thus no relation with penicillin and its helpers the covid stem

its like from ash water to lye water calculating you are making NaOH - disturbing so called interesting troopers
in stead of: if they can they are most probably higher enough educated to dos than you
ditto this making cigars movie, as inventor of it, how I did it - me was promised I could buy tobacco and leaves
for a reasonable price, as farmer....and Yes I will shoot someone down for it because we are entitled to do so, even in Holland - the Dutch government is busy for 50% of their effort trying to STEAL my Heineken and Microsoft money, believe me on that hierarchy it will make tobacco twice as expensive - as Heineken, a high position I had to stay sober working to make twice as much profit - students can make a 1.5 meter party cigar because leaves or not sold or so called rare? hu much I have spent 3 billion on last riots in Holland and in the States, as General, 100% loss or investment in a new earth, leaving an approx of 42 billion Euro - ohw also comes from an injection/earnest from Hollywood, a 100 billion Euro, if no tax is spent or collected technically it could be inserted again - we made over 40.000 movies time 3 million Euro thats a 120 billion Euro!

Simple example from experience: if Paris H. goes to Ibiza with her yacht, the Islanders are 50 % of their time busy with trying to marry her. Everything is twice as expensive within a day. So if we for a couple days walk hand in hand. Prices go back to normal, police too. For filled clubs we did. "Groupie Inverso" behavior its called making me a hostage for example. Kidnap UNCLE SAM just do it! The people see me as a Trillionaire!! very smart

Nazi Europe don't kill me we your dead lock  NO NO NO PLEASE!!(see program code above, I run pauze(); and win this facade!! like in 2014, like next time!)

human interaction is observed by the viruses/molecule world! Its like eat flesh as much as you can fresher than fresh! Dried Pharma etc. should be be the limit in eating Matured meat!! Like we negotiated all over the world. Even Russia and China lowered down on their Neo called communism....Rocky movies showing USA meat distribution leaded to big fights on my set and factory for example!! Yes this drawing assembles WWII, for real, they talk about, while earth is 50 yrs old. So in principle all humans should choose Penicillin its side.
Fungus on meat and salami are 99% formed by rat and mouse urine and it is matured meats for example and no in principle not good for health! they are on the left side of the image! Even id the Dutch gov interferes with forced sales Utrecht will try to continue to feed me this, I know from Riek her buying 50/50 ground meat just be sure's. I'm still running on military vaccins, drilled to recognize them (at "the front") to visit the doctor by my self after a certain number of alerts!(UK&NL/USA)

Caesar's bay leaf(or Ansjovis) law & crown, you will not have an empire without:
Cow meat stew, tasting like it was stewed with a bay leaf is rotten, it is an attempt murder even! Matured is simple a word used for fraud with meat. Calling mud water Coca Cola. I learned this on a Dutch and French army cooking course for rich people, even royalties followed this course! A country is couped, by having one stolen boat already! No one wanted to have my love boats really! for example.

Summarizing: Cappachio, the only matured cow meat allowed, we all agreed! Its prices lead to gold fever Judges and their butcher - the old Corona virus report and abuse appears every 10 years. They reach The Hague & rest of the world! I kill "all" (zombie)humans with crazy cow disease every 10 years and recycle them back. Robots have a certain amount of time to recreate humans after disasters or war, the more bacteria they have to remove the more casualties. Matured meat is served in small quantities by its expensive, on purpose, like gold or diamonds are kept expensive. It leads to leads to govern the government. Doctors talking secretly about a Minister, removing, without his knowledge, his skull to remove bacteria for example. Or leaders who are doing so, instead of managing(leading). etc

murder at level two are not a virus, reading this about one of the novels I wrote, I though applicable for my current outside world or so?!


A young woman pours acid over her body. A loving husband kills his wife. A headteacher throws her pupils out of a window. Who or what has made ordinary Londoners commit such horrific acts?
DC Jerry Pardoe and DS Jamila Patel of Tooting police are at a loss. With no obvious connection between the killings, they fear a virus.
Something evil is stirring in the city. A supernatural force that infects its victims with a lust to murder. And Jerry and Jamila are powerless to stop it..

sector programming, like we change the color of our skin, I invented this corn aged 4, Malibu:

Mein Kampf(Lenin, Marx, Nietzsche etc etc), my war trauma, written by me as Psychiatrist as MI to point out that country borders are there because all countries see each other as enemy's, not only to give MI an analyze tool but also to uncover that every society contains civilians who can not handle those fears. We called it Schizoids, although we are all victims of the nuclear war. Like the Dutch American clique(Hollywood&CNN) formed, trying to express their fears using Colonization, Nationalism, global economy and defense(Mein Kampf/WWII) as an excuse to seem normal persons. Meanwhile taking hostage of me decade after decade. I knew them as after war Dutch psycho patients from even Woerden, were they took revenge on me in 2010. It is that I change into a robot after I die.
The French see the Dutch, English and German etc. as crooks. The English the Dutch, French and Chinese etc. etc. The Chinese sees Russia, Holland and India as crooks etc. etc. Creating the borders, even Terminators helped with it. Its too bad Holland is the gold standard in these matters, for example their colonization made up history. A Wilders als whipping-boy, kindergarten politics(not having the science* that a real Hitler society will never work), like a Hitler would look. *every crown not last longer than two weeks, the Kings/Tars chair called donkey chair, Dutch example,  I mean absolute monarchy, Hitler shit - Germany kidnapped me too, you should have seen them cheer, after the USA raised the swastika and star and stripes, the Germans even danced for us....humiliation its called...

Me as their hostage, dead sitting in my feces!!
2010 obliged by torture also younger brothers of me,
flying back to Holland from the States,
officials were informed as hostages
never the less they arrested me
we responded with even bombing hospital Woerden
also me a present "" from AMC - Ray from Woodstock 69: my present back - than who looks like THE Mob baby?! the changed me again those suckers!!

Like Stars and Stripes this the flag of my (Indian) Tribe
just like the iron cross and really I will kill all humans for falsifying history
disrespecting us being real Americans
if I manage
or cops still believing WII did really happen
audacious to make evidence pictures
he? lekkere Michaelt-jes van me!
us indian native marks although we are...
and were whites

wedding ring Marylin Monroe
me without fat 2015 humiliation(which I am going to revenge with even more boycots up to Intel and Microsoft)) - (space shuttle)pilot ready!! - long hair gone in de hope hospital would not place my fat back!! Pellicer Creek - Cape Canaveral USA

me my younger brother lil ray, also me who grew up in Holland just kidnapped from the back seat, this happened all the time after lil Ray in Holland was killed

De beeldenstorm, een ordinaire volksroof, eat ik als goudsmid met opdrachten van de kerk met zienderogen heb aangezien leidde zelfs tot een nieuw geloof. Dit als gevolg van de roof, een veranderde maatschappij die er armer en zuiniger uitzag. Lege kerken, letterlijk en figuurlijk. Zuinigheid als maatstaf. Image verlaging, verduistering, een schatkist.
Zo ook in Rusland, zo ook in Nederland. Een vadertje pastoor die de zaken doet met zuinigheid, het image van een goed geklede Haagse VVD'r, Een Zalm, vadertje financiën met een natuurlijk aangelegen kromme rug om zich over de zaken te buigen.

Zo zal de diefstal van mijn producten als Microsoft leiden tot een nog grote maatschappelijke verandering. De kerk was en is ook niet gek zijn goud weer neer te zetten of terug te kopen. Zoals al gebeurd is met technologie achterhouden na de roof in 1980. De USA Atari box met Windows verdween, een plasma computer op multi-core 30-90 (like say 90-180 Ghz or so?)echte Tera-flops op 30-90 Watt. Windows 11-19 vernietigd door het Amerikaanse leger en boeien na de Atari Box!! Real time virtual reality dimension games!! gewoon thuis of gymzaal. Zie Valerian and the thousand cities waar we wat dimensie test gear laten zien uit 1980!! Met mijn computers kon op soortgelijke stranden echt zonnen en bruin worden als je Sun Soleil app had gekocht! Van vliegende schotel naar automobiel!!
Lever ik geen Windows, nou trek je klompen dan maar aan! Want mij trek je me cowboy laarzen van 5 meier ook niet zomaar uit hoor! Niemand een limo "", en het resultaat was trabantje of dafje. moderne planes like this, 2003...or this (not fake! simple military sales and movies)

Did you know my old me brother & clone brother(ol ray from future who had the task of being my father - although our robots souls were both 43 years old) and me and I first invented the automatic? As 4 year old even a trigger could be too heavy. We managed with the two of us, the reason I was killed but my younger me kept the factory open for 9 moths before he was kidnapped again.

Can you imagine there 4 years old building this, like the Dom in Utrecht we did, brick by brick? Well I did with of course 18 more brothers/family. The Dutch? demand a flood in their Provence Zeeland out jealousy from the EU. The honor too shoot some torpedo's we mine....
The American Clique demanding with even terror or attacking our project EDEN's(see autobiographical movies how I also was sent to earth as last survivor of my species, a bit like Kal-El (die kale/bolt one - old ray and EL(pointing to space and sun rays at same time) 1st two letters of my secret angel/elf name)) to be GOV in Holland or Germany or Belgium and even Nam
or else they play the Americans and club hippie/stone and acid tort thrower/innocent liberal protesters
Pim was one of them
does this look illegal, is given Volkert my witness program because he saw me and the KL
do it, legal? He is was a staged witness/hooligan even my fake children they used
compare the Air force one to The Hague's gov plane.....we fly in space ships so its not the USA.
a lot of illegal money!!
Picture of Pim staged with Hollywood techniques of course seen the caliber we used
there was nothing left of him but blood
Our reaction on deforming one of my clones was that all babies are born like this, all over the world!
I simple asked the humans if they thought that was a normal what they did. Well since my name in some books is Jahwe and The Devil......a nuclear surprise present back...the reason why earth is situated almost outside the Galaxy, they why it is a prison planet....with robots in the USA as guards

the twist: human mankind degraded itself far more worse than the above I bombed them to. The reason why we educated self-defense and Kung-Fu and boxing. The abused the teleport portals and human copy machines too oft. With no respect for life or their clones whatsoever. They turned into giant nerve looking creatures but still able too kidnap. I Already reported and show as super brain in robot Hollywood movies. Nor that it was allowed too improve mankind any further but by our warfare...Why did we change ourselves into woman from time to it paranoia
me, told you from fighting war you get syndrome down
a Terminator came to get me

this kid used my Helmet for Hollywood, the only way to remember my Vietnam
ass addicted inventor of all Drug I became General of DEA - not only to have my blood tested every day - a good idea my robot thought
The so called immigrants destroying our country we killed our sent back. Our revenge on my kidnap because it were some people criminals was to install organised crime all over the world on all business layers, troopers, Royalties, politics ditto. Simple by killing enough of their opponents, not that they were capable off! And simple by not doing so for the lazy others. Liberation some called or WWII. The grasping and grabbing behavior of the American European clique may show that they are probably part of club "victim". I often refer to them as the RAF.
Colt, our rear name we did not "install"!!

The only power I have as hostage is not to place my kidnappers back after the earth has blown, like every 10 years or so. They are the ones in power, the others not willing.

this Hell's Angel me 14, my hair as Janick so he would be punished, they may not enter army - extreme jealousy - the truck I used to hunt The Red Baron!!
the 19
the "vietnam" bunker of us, my place of birth. funny was the (from future)EU-USA troopers walked away from the 2d/3d volcano, a bit scared - attacking our rice fields - hence a lot of Vietnam images....we still live there, me too src::
A picture I took from King Willem Alexander in Vietnam/Malibu - they came to help or not but as enemy - thing Mickey Mouse and the Time machine! For protecting the invention of the fire arm since my name is Colt.


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