So I was Adolf Hitler - yeah right.

So I was Adolf Hitler - yeah right.
Well I swear. I wrote Mein Kampf, part of a movie script. Setting up Hollywood in Europe we did some cinema try outs. For the good and bad people thought it was The News. Scared we waited for the Germans to come but they didn't.

I even wrote Anne Frank her diary and finished it over here in the Javastraat, go figure.

It was one big mistake because it still happens that if I have my (terminator/god)technology up that a morph into real other people as some sort of stuntman or a made up personage. Japan, China, Europe and even we were caught by panic. In china we build a big wall and lived in the Subways like in Londen or Utrecht.World War II was one big film set and panic broke loose! The American Terminators for example build laser fences on all shores outside America in panic!! Making humanity their war prisoners.

And it still happens sometimes. Even I in modern movies sometimes think I am in real wars!! Of course compensations are payed in Aid form, world wide. Me writing this is hopefully the end of a big mass psychoses, but also funny isn't? Me writing this is read by politician all over the world and agreed!! We are not mister nice guy!! Like no-one is! We are the real Americans, the real Pentagon and not the European television one. Who also do their best to repair, not even intended to steal my identity.

The 5 billion Euro in Swiss on the bank, pure Hollywood money. The German government must also know that it money from the Colt's earned by making all Hollywood movies, Operation systems like Microsoft, all (game) computers and games!! I read in the news The Star Citizen game I rolled out in Holland made 300 million euro, I ask 20-30 million euro for such games, sometimes even for movies. Money we put on the bank in Swiss normally. This time stolen by the Dutch court, still playing who is the biggest crook on earth games!! As always w will slave the perpetrators into the South, to earn the money back and than execute them!!

Adolf Hitler
Ray Colt(my real name!!)
Anne Frank
Raymond Moesker
Jim Morrison
Bruce Lee
Albert Einstein
John F. Kennedy
Ronald Reagan
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Lyndon B. Johnson
Jimmy Carter
Dwight D. Eisenhower
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
George Washington

buried at Graceland(some ashes are thrown into graves in Utrecht, like with Jim in Paris):
Jan Moesker..."fake dad", always angry when he needed to make up with Riek from Martin and me
Jacobus and Geertruida Moesker - 
Elvis Presley(Elvis and Jan both with a baby Ray and Anne(Aaron Presley)))
Vernon & Gladys Presley

Maria Magdalena
Jesus Christus
Jim Morrison
Napolean Bonaparte
Ivan The Terrible
Muammar al-Gaddafi
Fidel Castro
Che Guevara
Ruhollah Khomeini
Karl Marx
Joseph Stalin
Al Capone
Marilyn Monroe who I was obliged to marry too - partially played by Marita B. "the bed scenes"
Prins Bernhard en Koningin Juliana (the reason I sometimes lived in Soest & Malibu) it was a deal by the way - for some tv performances - even they were placed in my current temporarily apartment which leaded to a mass riot in the day
Friedrich Nietzsche(als de super Leidenaar)
Ian Fraser Kilmister aka Lemmy
etc. etc.
in psychiatry: warfare, kidnapping me from Malibu, my parents, revenge by taking away your opponent their heroes, like my parents were from me

Me as Anne Frank, see previous blog,  and me as Dutroux. de tweede wereld oorlog massa hysterie noemen en Anne Frank haar dagboek omschrijven als je een vervolgde Jood voelen in eigen land, cultuurschending noemen? Nee, onmogelijk, de leugen is nooit cultuur. Zie ook vorige blog over dit onderwerp of de film 1948 met gemaskeerd Londen 1975 half afgebroken door massa hysterie toen beelden van de film Mein Kampf uitlekte. Voor straf moest ik in alle schuilkelders leven, van de bevolking niet. Die konden er om lachen, nu nog onthouden, ook 1948.

DJ Anne Frank but also the bass guitarist
at the US old me lead
and did you know I recorded this at the stadschouwburg Tiel +- 1994(tsunamis)
listen to some typical Dutch Cole
msg: future are we still there? Some are lost.

Ik heb An en Eefje gedaan, mede moordenaar Dutroux kregen ze niet dood, dus de leugendetector maar weer eens vervalsen.

Point Dume(left) +- 1975- my Smithy the place
Malibu coast without my iron excavation

What if mental illness as we know it does not exists. What if all so called patients committed murder. What if we collected all their lies into psychiatry books as diseases? Mental illness & Syndrome down (the real schizophrenia) is caused by war and its explosions, only robots can repair. Friedrich Nietzsche.

Raymond Moesker, Conan the Surgeon thought I must have looked like this, returned to Malibu, See Anne Frank previous blog This is my real father and Conan, in this video he is looking with tears in his eyes in court houses, I was stolen from home. Child thefts are most of the time arranged by the court. Like in Holland only pedophile gay Judges work there. The movie "MOLUKKERS & MAORI TATTOO KILLERS" is spy work, you van see him in the beginning. They got both killed, I was placed back in Malibu and build the above farm.
Ray Colt- in search of my little brother - in the AMC - I had myself
changed into Jan Moesker - at that moment together with the Dutch government
Royalties and prime ministers from future had the AMC, all our computers removed
but Jan Moesker was born to play my dad but he suffered war trauma amnesia
so that was partially funny. Riek was in love with Sony Barger, who I was changed into
to move her over to Jan. All guilty of kidnapping me! In +- 1983 after the Tsunamis the AZUA was build again to become later the AMC again
Riek discovered it me being 16, Jan was killed by chemo injections
and was turned back into a Terminator

"Pietje" wanted to say to me and Conan me they looked young, we were really white with brown eyes ;-)!!
And I was eeeeh ? Yoina Mameria Nontsotega?
Whatever the humans forced to change into we were all given the USA Colt/Jungle book raisin!!
Cutting of my hair did not help, they found me

I managed to escape back to the states but was kidnapped again and they(child traffic Holland) replaced my eyes, I became the famous Afghan girl - current me took pictures as ransom but it did not help
Here I was as, USA producer, as Walt Disney USA, founder, "stuntman" for the movie Mowgli. Stuntman, yeas we produce almost all movies in the world. As Terminators we are immortal. We see them as "our " actors to lick our wounds. We own all rights top down, sell the movies to the main lands as the may use a top down right contribution also. Not driving in my Rolls doesn't say anything about Disney Europe or Netflix, they already paid, it does say something about the why I do not play along with their system. Well I am not driving my Rolls! I am dus kidnapped!!

these were chemical & heat burns at the smithy and not leprosy!! The Dutch stealing all my muscles, over 40 kilo's. I was record holder lifting 500 Kg, pushing 300 Kg, twice my body weight of 160 KG!!! Mann, I kill whole medical Holland for it next round!! Working at the Colt factory all my life. Lauren took a real bite of my biceps!!!

Here I was Sony Barger, we kidnapped Riekie in attempt to murder her to prevent me getting kidnapped
The tattoo killer story: on the picture "my dad" on the right, Martin M. as RAF "infiltrator" on the left. To get my son back I thought the AMC hospital how to remove animated tattoos. RAF members called me names like "murder commando" and "tattoo killer". Sieged the hospital gave us the back tattoos which had to lead to working for the Dutch Army. During a walk with soccer hooligans Martin was shot taking hostage and abusing lil Ray, My son.

Hopelijk een laatste COVID-19 bericht: ik ben in te huren voor een rug ofzo als vrijwilligers werk een moord te plegen, net als de vorige keer, ik zit in een renovatie!!.:: Is dit het land van Kaas en Haring of Verfrollers en Meel en zwarte schimmel aardappelen? Toen schoot ik bijna een meneer tegen die sperma in Kaas begon te spuiten om het uit de handel te krijgen.......belachelijk interessant doen heet dat...lege schappen creëren. Te universitair weer zeker? voor Den Haag dan?

Marita made handwriting

John lived from 1972-1982 literally
the earth is 50 years old! also
so in this 10 years he grew 40 years
in his pictures from wrestler to addict
at least I know enough than..

Earth is a military reactor for the empire. Important and totally not. Its made to lure Dinosaurs. How can be seen on the galaxy map R2D2 projects in movies. You will see big massive rectangle on the map, behind it the earth is situated. A dinosaurs is a stupid animal who thinks something important is situated behind it.....etc. It will spilt up their attack also in 2d and 3d. So in the in the end not a smart planet to escape to with me as hostage after all. :-) To fight those animals a lot of Terminators are needed! If they would attack now they could extinct humanity within 3 days. Even space station Alpha is build to confirm the Dinosaurs their thoughts.

My Covid-19 infection, I told you guys it is the black plague. Just to test the news, I am a professor. Next following weeks it will be gone. So making a new anti-virus is possible! 

Or is it a third degree burning wound or fungus? I think a burning wound from dropping down a bratwurst ;-)

Did you know the Child Porn Holland kidnapped me and COVID-19 alerts are abused by them for over 40 years!! I was only allowed to show one picture of a third degree burning on the internet of my own arm burned where I live now temporarily but ea previous time. That third degree burning a caused by hot frie fat? Believe me as McDonalds, a Colt gun/sword or smith and doctor I know. Like me when I was young after being abused I was placed in the kitchen, the reason why Riek wanted a stone floor. They then poor hot fie oil over me up to 90% body coverage to shut up about it or kill me. At smaller amounts they call it COVID-19(in reality a not harmful corona looking skin fungus). Next they inject you female hormones to abuse pregnancy tests to show you are sick or even having the allowance to kill you. Pest control.

It's the ongoing McDonald's case, we invented fat is than the accuse. Its is that fat is needed. In 2013 I was fully overthrown with hot fat from my fries pan in my garden. Like they did a couple times with me in the Mac at Overvecht or the hot coffee cup case. At the ldo beheaded Friso and fried his head. Mounted a fake head for his burial.

On the other hand these are the nicest skin burns, they do not hurt no-more. Just report French fries pans at school, all schools also minor school! Hospitality to have the major (office) as guest you might think but in my personal and professional life always a homicide case!

Do not forget to protect your other General, the cow and its meat. Keep it forbidden that they mature it, keep it cheap and go fast to the stores! Black meat is rotten, keep that in mind. Covid-19 hysteria is abused in this sector also, its their victims their General. Creating crisis with nonsense, you will notice on the prices(even tabacco prices!!). On visual: the ones that do hand clap rituals(also seen in Alkmaar!) and want to get paid for it with their Judges. Without that meat we get rice belly's, without your General you will get them too. Als oud dienstplichtige: de viertonner in en afvoeren naar de Maasvlakte die gasten!

The question that remains is the motive, the why do your children or husband need to die? Answer: they want you dead! Next question is why do they want to kill me? Multiple but one reason, disease. Love, jealousy, knowledge about their disease leading to criminality(child porn), money, power, uniform, revenge(on you killed some criminals) etc.

Well my money is also stolen because Hollywood movies are made with prostitutes. So it seemed and not that I care. First of all we do not want to make movies with humans at all, its a bit aid and stimulation. We do that for the government and as government. On the other hand the governments want to possess our nuclear cameras, the USA and our space fleet. Which really would be giving a gun to a chimp. The human is not capable of having any responsibility towards nuclear science. The prostitutes can act. I am not allowed to discriminate or else those movies are forbidden, nor do we care. We do ask questions about the actors their intention. To take away my money will lead to delay or worse, nothing else. Having me on the "Hollywood" bank account is something a human is capable of. Asking ransom is nonsense since you already have access to my money.

New policy is also that will kill your husband and children if you force me to do something, especially having a clone of me as hostage. And so happened up-to The Hague. One more Tsunami and I will kill all Dutch if the waves don't do it! What are you scolded for in real life? We/I as The Mob, Hells Angels, The Nazis, Yankees, Dictator, Lord Vader, Pirates, Vikings and Cartel. I/we are not mister nice guy either. vs regime and dictator I mean!

I am not the one with a checkmate on my ass, the last move is up to me/us. If I got killed that is. I cannot really die, I am a soldier, I am the only one, so my robots will not apply to any of the demands. You let me go or they blow up the Milky Way.

As Elvis, Heineken, Hitler, Steve etc or me I was copied and tortured a billion times to create humanity its oil. The embarrassment was immeasurable being married to humans having a public role, so why The Nazis, Lord Vader or The Mob a lot of people asked. Well if you believe SF stands fro Space Force and all Sci Fi images are more real than you can imagine you will believe we make oil by copy humanity every day to create oil for our space fleet and the USA(hence the prices). Humanity its copy devices  are destroyed by us +- 5 years ago. We used to make oil from snail and leaches!

Ps like all over the world and in Utrecht, the robots, also me, raised the 1st generations of humans, your Grandfathers and mothers, by the milk bottle. All were dressed like Nazis, Hitler Jugend. Those were the Americans their uniforms back than. Apartment block were heated by the earth's kernel for the babies. To school went down in military marches. They all had fun with us!! Dictators all over the world almost manged to wipe it out of our memory by letting the earth blow. The bunkers in Utrecht were also build by me, and I even lived in them if to many rockets were pointed at me. So that was not the German Wehrmacht but the American Terminator and all robots from Star wars!!! But read previous paragraph, the "fictive" Nazi Germany(like say Holland, Germany, France, England, Russia and China) is disarmed for over 5 years! So why pointing rockets at me? Like Germany and Holland, at some point the also disarmed Germans had to do business with the Dutch again!! Without holding up their hands, as free people.

We/I have created the Black Plague, in negotiation, to punish people to eat rotten and mature meat.

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