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My pregnant wife was eating too much, I said to her.

Well it is that we have other plans with you guys. Marisse helped my family members to cut out my baby boy, and forced me to feed him with food. Without anesthetics and there were no plans to give us anesthetics either. You feed him thy said laughing and drunk.
You will never look the same gain at blue birth stripes on pregnant woman they laughed. They beheaded me, put my head back and we continued our meal. I had no memory right after it so we continued our meal.
The other plans were sending my son and me through the twin towers with pales. Hopefully with no memory at all and if we would survive we knew how our live was going to look like. Marisse promised me.

Well not without a publication because apparently she and her White House staff member friends and my family members can and behave this way. Even publication they did not care about, but I have to raise my children about their existence. RaY
Since my children and I already typed this together she let us made this picture that comes…

Something we seem to forget – prisoners of war

Are they allowed to erase us?, we can not believe, we look for help, shall we publish their names? Show pictures. They erase building and tracks and now us….do you see dad? They are playing with our lives.

44 years a US & NL hostage victim on coupe level, what does that say to you, daddy? - well, look for hostage takers, they do not belong on gov level. Than we have government victims. Who are the victims, violence is used which is definitely. Injury compensations...
Even my Dallas(USA) neurologist knew, after a new pair of brains he gave my this homework: "you are 44 years an hostage victim on coupe level, not a police officer","e can work that out my son says, before they keep you". The president his presence was confirmation enough for the medical staff, not in good health and company that is or was or is, they are not in prison that is.

The King of Holland, see the five coupes picture below: "Now yo know why you are more operations than police and army, i…