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Current FBI Boss, James Comey. What can I accuse him of. - The pilot of 9/11

As promised to all people involved and especially my children:

Current FBI Boss, James Comey. What can I accuse him of [not....] :
Having me kidnapped with de Zwarte Cobra(NL) and RARA members to America with a kilogram XTC, I knew to escape by throwing the pills through the departure hall. Which leaded to the Zwarte Cobra his arrest and American imprisonment. I shot at him, Comey, with Brennan, CIA. On return in Holland Dutch Justice just laughed at us, telling us to keep it a secret since we were not going to be able to remember it.Killing Senators together with my family members with axes in the Senate, around 2013, axes where used on the film set of Pathfinder 2007.Multiple attempt murders and murder on my children, by skinning, beheading, also during the Hilary e-mail court. I stabbed him to dead for it together with Brennan and the Royal Dutch Highness.At the same hearing he had Hilary Clinton’s lie-detector papers submitted falsified, eye-witness.Attempting to, most probably me a…

Koning Vladimir, zoon van de draak

Publishing rights and privacy rights abuse to murder and rape. This blog was initialy placed by Janick, Lauren and me with my permission, later removed by family, that has nothing to look for in my house.
Ooit was er een Russische Koning Vladimir, zoon van de draak, Na een dag oorlog voeren sneed hij de dode paarden net als shoarma in tartaar. Tegen de Tartaren, zijn cavalerie, zei hij, als jullie mijn tartaar niet rauw lusten dan leg je het maar onder je zadel, dan wordt het misschien vanzelf gaar. Tegen de anderen zij hij als ik straks mensen mensen zie spiesen, in plaats van mijn tartaar te eten, dan zullen we moeten overwerken.
[mooie woorden van mijn zoon die tartaar maakte voor zijn vader met een dolk, van vlees dat hij van een dood paard af had gesneden, omdat Papa geen onderkaak meer had, dan voeren wij je wel als je zo moet leven, St. Petersburg +- 2013, en om mannen te werven voor de volgende slag om onze vrijheid aldaar]
Mijn dochter, ze pikten niet dat ze me herkende:

 'n Aangi…

My 11 yr old Son "beheaded"

My son aka the Ghostrider, his mom made, seen our beheadings, I film this movie.
He is just beheaded just like me and just like we always drive.
The movie was not a success, according to his mom, his head stayed on.
He had to jiggle as hard as he could.....

Just have look at his neck. I hided the movie inside on of the Ghostrider movies.  We were lucky they were wounded too. But finally I founf it again too, since a have lot of blogs about our beheadings.

Maby this is enough for a Judge to take my children away from that disturbed woman......

Janick, Lauren and RaY - I reported this movie anonymous 20-08-2018, to the police, Holland.

The Movie, I was almost arrested making it and not because I was the Father, Sen. Cantwell hoped it would reach the outside world and that we would recognize it. Just hear , ice cold, his wheezing, because of the beheading, voice, I already don't know my children any different. I got almost arrested filming a beheaded boy, but why is the mother who behaded h…

The Mc Donald’s Massacre 1984 & and other serial kill adventures

By injury and associated memory loss in many lawsuits I was not able to make testimonies, I am obliged to report this regaining my memory, and for myself...... Preparations for the coupe, 9/11, the Space Shuttle began, target the, each, president

The Mc Donald’s Massacre 1984 
12 Years old kidnapped from school, we are going to America. I was shot raped, skinned impaled and beheaded. I write down as much as remember after seeing some documentaries on YouTube.

A stolen car we drive over bridge, my family members, Renee, Marti and Huub are in contact with James Oliver Huberty. He rapes me too. He can deliver other guns and cars. Not necessary they are going to show him. Parking lounge, Mc Donald’s, cars enough. The lock the door with a mandrell. Free food they shoot randomly. I was a still with a gun in my hand, John Brennan grabs it. Trying to get out. A boy on a BMX knows exactly what Brennan’s men are doing, they shoot him down for it. Ambulance personel only see’s security. Brennan fea…

Kinderbescherming Groningen en de kinderboksbeugel zaak - schokkende beelden

Mijn kinderen werden geïnterviewd over PAPA deze teksten zijn gebruikt in pleidooien Of dat nou was in een Humanitas gebouw, ik geloof het wel John Brennan was erbij en werd gedwongen de kinderen te onthoofden, ook door de kinderbescherming dames
En net als wij vlak na een onthoofding, moesten de kinderen alles maar weer op een rijtje zetten Ze praatten als imbecielen en heel langzaam Papa had een cavia en een papegaai Papa heeft een huis En motor Oh ja woont in Maarssen "Nu moeten jullie slechte dingen zeggen over PaPa anders onthoofden we jullie weer" zeiden de dames Papa heeft altijd ruzie etc etc
Door hun acute amnesie duurde het gewoon even voor er herinneringen kwamen
Toch is dit met bewustheid zo opgezet
"En anders slaat Mama het er wel weer uit met haar boksbeugeltje"
Ik ben met John Brennan, CIA, op meerdere plekken in Nederland verhaal wezen halen hierover, terwijl we belaagt werden door familie leden. Te weten Kinderbescherming Utrecht en politie bureau paardenveld en…

The Kiev RARA Car Bomb - Interpol

The riots in Odessa failed to kill us, so attempt two, just to name a few:
My kids and I suffer a car bomb attack, again an attack on our lives by RARA members. You see my brother standing, like with fireworks*, turning around with a stick in his hand, to finish the job.
(* Brennan and I also witnessed that rara & security, Royal dutch family/cia, loaded carton boxes with white explosive powder into the bunkes of the Enschede Fireworks disaster, killing over 100  people, they tried to hide me in the ambulance, I was their witness and again a attempt murder from my family towards me)

The mom stands in the left down corner, with her hands before her face. I was surprised to see them, turned around towards the kids. Together we said this time we are not going to stop. We still see the dashboard coming in, and not for the first time!

Three years ago we reviewed the film with the other people that dragged us out the car, at my place here during a beat up, helping us again. For the judges: …

My mother shoots me down in my face on video

My mother shoots me down on video

Marisse(his Mom) is disguised, we had to help her with her disguise. "To impress the President and the King(Holland)" she shoots her own Son(the Ghostrider Jr.) down in front of our eyes.

My daughter(goes grazy) and I had to watch this too - we were all three kidnapped from Holland to this country. No one beleives that even the President and the King and his family are kidnapped too - literally - we are their security technical terms.

- police knows about it - does nothing - they even showed us this video  - laughing- we were wounded - had a fight

They tried to brainwash my Son to blaim that I was the shooter. To humiliate me and before a devastated Son, not because of mom, I had the crate the red arrow in this movue and place it online. RaY

Just have look how that poor basterd walkes seemingly alone. Marisse escapes, I manipulate her by faking a gun with my hand, pointing at the King, and as predicted she shoots at The King and the…

Some more alive skinning by Mom and friends

Shocking Human skinning pictures!! Remiss vs Accessary
The smell of our bodies they use as weapen too, to keep us hostage
Our Crime report:

A + B Africa Uganda
Marisse skins Janick, the Royal Highness and I try to prevent, Renee punishes with cutting of his feet and forces in a monkey head inti his skull

She does that also in Europe - Janick and Lauren in tree, I was skinned like this too, I remember that Marissse and my mother gave us socks, it realy hurted. Marisse and Marita did the skinning. They were laughing, they allows complain about those socks they mumbled, they do not even know their current condition. At this spot, this is what Marisse and her friend did to Sandro, although he is als a RARA terrorist, I am the photographer

D + E:
I am skinned and used on the Predator film sets, Utrecht press polic Officer slams a hole in my skull with spear. The Predator movies are also contra proof that our lives at home do not change while years pass by.

We do this with humans too, my chil…