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The Colt Gun Mill founded in 1976

1. The Human Empire 2. The Animal Empire 3. The Robot Empire –The real story about the Third Reich, the robots!! WW2 did not happen….

Did you know that plasma, lighting and electricity are forms of steel. Like the Sun or a very hot melted block of steel!? The Colt’s(we) invented that….like with alloy we restricted usage, like we say, as owners of steel, to have the best weapons for ourselves [see iron sparks were I played Darth Vader with my own sword]

Satan derived from my mother saying “Zatan”, after dumping and burning me after my birth, which means in Dutch “Zat aan” she meant he is a thief explaining it to others. The reason I gave Satan a place in the Bible as writer was my children created a big plasma daemon with my soul in it during the big war half seventies able and killing millions of people. We also created the Hell for real to torture our enemies form more 1000 years together with our Terminators. Have a look in this blog at our plasma sword…for every Bible sold we earn on…