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Under The Coney Island Boardwalk - Bounty Hunting New York

For Mr. Tax, we were obliged to bounty hunt against our will, kidnapped.
A couple years ago after the riot in The Pentagon some Judges and Bounty Hunters helped my children and I to start a living in America. At least it was a possible reality. Better than ours and of course to have share on the money we had, under guidance, help with killing a serial killer family. We tagged them and bagged them and brought them to the sheriff. One in Washington I believe.
RARA, and their Mom were watching, just a matter of paperwork they said. We worked on and retrieved the money in a suite case. We placed the money on a bank in Rockville Washington. Enough for a pick-up truck, a house, $30.000,- cash and bank card We had internet and were already looking for schools including world schools, that choice we had to make ourselves the judges said.
We ate shawarma and went to a shop to buy a battery drill and new lock system for the doors to stop eventual falsifying Ma and my gangster family. We bought a h…

Abused by the Dutch and USA government as boy girls – a father and with photo’s

Abused by the Dutch and USA government as boy girls – a father and with photo’s This is how are sexually abused by the Dutch and USA government, me for over 44 years now.
Thank you MOM!!! For trying to be famous!! We have talked obliged in reverse from her, also to police.....(if you still may worry about your children their development)
This is my son, with surgeons I placed some muscle tissue in his left foot. For recognition and so I did not have to rape him too. Their Daddy is obliged the photographer!! His face is made different with Brase Knuckles!!! & cut out jaw elements* They broke his foot with a baseball bat, he pretend to be strong or else...., if they see it in the picture they will kill him..... skull top with hair: Paris Hilton(she out manned the terrorist by stabbing him to dead)
* Obliged : Brennan, Comey, Orange  voluntarily: Marisse Police is in silent mode, like schizoids(future political talented), like mental nurse do with schizoid patients, accuse them, to ha…