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The Wall street black mail pictures & The Polaroid Serial killer

Below s picture from me as The Polaroid Serial killer, all my live, not only wall street business man, the had me make pictures from girls, after they obliged me to have sex with them, before they were murdered by John Brennan and other CIA agents. 
They created the fathom The Polaroid Serial killer, a dead girl and a polaroid from before she was murdered on her body or pinched with knife on to her body. A prostitute or a Hollywood show girl had their preference because they all knew Marlyn back in the days. This girl ditto, my children take them into to wear a typical serial killer rabbit suit. The girl stabbed my children to dead, vertical cut them open and beheads them. I am obliged to have sex with her, my children were repaired, they did not understand, must be another black mail picture again they said.
The connection between these pictures, Wall street and the world trade center. People from the WTC and RARA have fights on Wall street. John makes no mone…