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Everything was perfect that day -9/11 – marine’s perspective

From Holland RARA was going to attack New York. Since Vietnam the terrorists are used to be cloned. You step on a mine, half of you is burned, the other half they use to build your clone, as they call it.

The streetThe airportsThe twin towersFireman & police stations
Four groups of cloned terrorists, four hotspots. One group of marines.
Four me’s, I was in the planes as pilot. I was the pilot that refused to go airborne in that F15/F18. I was on the street being lynched to traumatize people, like with a regular RARA bank rob, I was a marine, all at the same time. Also present my unborn children at different locations. Taking this picture we thought we caught them for example.

The marines as we were totals confused. In control, then they were not, in control, then they were not etc. etc. The terrorist managed to attack New York in that chaos, police & fireman stations were attacked. On the radio everywhere the same terrorists.
My children and kept on hunting the clones, as ordered b…