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From out our The Portabello Estate kidnapped to Holland

Yes we may call names of convicts, convicted to death...a father and two children, Two Court Martial Judges, the staff staff sraff doing the work of a whole super power army - Bounty Hunting religious people in their own country or in Europe who keeps us hostage (with beast violence think bank hostage situation) and attacked the USA -hunting:always verify the warrants or else suffer paranoia. Remember Pentagon how ISIS surfed an oil tanker through the Pentagon - we were inside and in the in the yacht harbor watching it (read below about mega tsunamis and pls come rescue us for this valuable info) my surfers my surfers* the generals screamed - all waves for all movies we also co-filmed are created with stole US nuclear loads - all bombs in all "malls" were empty - it coast us a man day to fill the bomb for Japan - done with Pentagon and CIA insiders, the theft that is the nets, prepared, hang like sleeping whales in the water
religious generals and commanders hire religious so…