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The real Point Dume Estate Mailibu owners

Raised in the sect we found out that churches and musk’s were being used for night overs, for example to travel from West coast to East coast. To transport bombs to create Tsunamis, to create masses of rioters, that would kill millions of people in New York. The survivors were hunted too, what quickly became a Festival, named Woodstock. And like churches are tactical, the churches’ old Rome sport stadiums too. It explains the riots and of course the church, the police, will handle them. They work like Trojan horse, they leave the stadium, kill people inside the city. The police and news will handle it. For if the army is army again and intervenes they hope some people will still be left inside the stadium, the Trojan Horse effect. Inside the stadium they fight with each other, incl. the police. They create news images for their war trauma amnesia, to have memory on their raids.
All robberies are planned they just what for us to go for french fries, if we are not there they rob too -to …