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Ray Colt, the inventor of the Colt 1911 model and founder of the Colt factory

Since I am also a US Professor in genetics I created Janick and Lauren from my genes at the age of 4, 20 and 28, with witnesses, so Marisse her claim to be mother or our money is total ridiculous. They are kept hostage for money, drug, weapons etc. Researching their genes with the Court Martial was brutally disturbed. I was fined to pay my children candy and ice cream. On the filmset of Conan the Barbarian in 1982 Janick, Lauren and I made each other as big as Arnold, we even had Thunder dome sword fight with Conan. We called it a remise. Arnold was suffering we were in fact child’s. All three of us were crussified and burned to dead, we created them again. This after we finished Lord of the Rings, Upper Chief  Master (yes that's higher than upper commander) or Chief Master Chief, we stored in  E=MC^2(a formula of my children & me read below) RaY Colt.

raw notes after being (still)kidnapped and recovering from torture to report and repair myself and hopefully my children and Ge…