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Shell a Nazi company?

If we (the Colt’s, the Nazis) had to half world's population you better do it right, we(the world population) chose to eliminate schizoids, religious people, the gay population(organized crime, politician). Stank for thanks they give us stealing our money keeping us part, my children and me….our story::
Shell a Nazi company? As founder yes, even not in Holland but in the USA, I am a Nazi and scientist! Also THE programmer of the universe. God’s Bill Gates.
Why being so difficult, well without being also famous, not only rich. People cannot say we are addicts and take our money away as suspect of paying organized crime. You all know if we use we make our own drugs as US army. And again it happens with this German Colt factory….
We also kill(ed) derivatives of these pictures because we were the first with logos and it's back, like all our racing cars have a Mustang, Panther, mercedes or Cobra logos, we have given Ferrari/Porsche/Lamborghini stupid mustang but ours ones - ev…