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Being Nazi a relief a religion? Not fascism?

Well I am a Nazi, an atheist but I have to say yes.
Do we may marry or make children with other races: No. Is that discrimination? No, we just want the best DNA for our children and the best up growing environment for them. Culture based that is, culture is race related.
It also prevents a divorced woman to raise you children with other races. How to prevail is lie-detector, DNA research. Or what I did create test tube children of your own DNA and stay alone. Well and even after research you may than conclude that all my relation were forced marriages. Relations that started with organized deadly violence. Raising my children, with other races like what happens now we will punish with dead. The responsible ones. Like we did with all races on earth but the ones now living in Holland, disagreeing with our religion. Are we above the law of organized crime in these? Well of course! We are the USA army. It’s self-defense, the lie detector is on our hand, therefore the creation also.
Is our Swas…

One of the biggest under cover operations of the US army in Amsterdam

One of the biggest under cover operations of the US army: Amsterdam early 1980’s before the riots.

Situation: Janick, Lauren and little Ray and ol Ray kidnapped from Malibu. An old industrial area between Amsterdam and Harlem* we were allowed to use. In favor we and the Terminators changed Amsterdam wooden poles into concrete.

We created an Atari Techno cultural center with multiple clubs to lure even the Utrecht crew. For example The Cassiopeia Club, a picture from the Panorama I placed online.

Our last drink together, Janick and Lauren could be saved. They were going to be stolen as babies to appear in Ray’s live as children from him and Marisse. Ol Ray was killed and little was going to be raised by Riek and Jan under a church cover up. Go figure their violence kidnapping Ray, these is how many Terminators had to put down their guns.,…..

After the operation we took down the area and rebuild it in Berlin. Three years ago we tried again. We failed but eliminated RAF’s clones of their sol…