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Terminator 10 Momentum 2023

Creating momentums, possibilities for the robots to pick us up. Although we are in war? Yes!

Why? All humans are going to die if not. Fighting that war or earth’s kernel reactor is going to blow.

Keeping my kids and I separated is indeed warfare in that sense, it splits up the front of the Terminators. But again humans have no change against the robots, a correct assumption seen their weapons and warfare. Humans must not forget except for some protest violence on us genocide the dinosaurs they are not capable of fighting such wars. Instead we fought together against those animals. At least, most of the humans. I know because I did pay salaries.

Creating momentums, so the robots can start to prevent that blow. The more time to program the kernel the more use it has. It’s like why do they make computer chips and Microsoft for us? The kernel on certain point sees no use in producing electricity for the surface. Without again the kernel is going to blow. Terminators run on their own re…



Around 4 years ago my kids and I as inventors of cocaine were asked to create cocaine on a big scale in Germany, France, Holland and the USA. I was just thinking about the why. Which enemy we tried to identify or at all?

Cocaine was sold in store to the public. was back online. Something the public can not forget!!

Was it terrorism as we know it. They just seemed to be hooligans in daily practice. A select group, without making friends?

Behind the scene in my memory know we are terrorized by some medical staff elite. Hansom police officers, detectives do things for them in exchange for a better look, bigger penis or more beautiful face. I got memories on the rich and famous already protesting against it because they have to pay a lot of money for less. For less for what is in reality possible with surgery. Something medical criminals need to hide. The broken neck can or can't be fixed, which one you want to gov…

Man lived first on Mars...

Conclusion about what to find in my/our latest notes in these Blogs:

my children’s and my identity  - GOD/Devil, the robots/Aliensthe identity of the humans & animals, like say our customerthey foundation of our economy/wellbeing: electricity & plasma(electrolyte) electricity creating is made possible by Skynet for short Terms(into the future)Skynet can only be accessed if my kids and I are free, security. Or else a Global Blackout
note: Make no mistake about religious people. They are plastic surgery changed System Dow  diseased people. Who were even breaded before to feed the Dyno’s, to protect the healthy children. They are very dangerous like our government, Jet-Set and police. All over the world!!!! As young Einstein they forced my children & me to teach them plastic surgery. We witnessed them changing each other in our compound at Malibu. The army is polluted with them and being called the Mob/Nazis, Yankees etc etc….as we are…..another reason why Marisse can not be …

For (Dutch) Troopers

For (Dutch) Troopers

This is Janick, +- 17 years old. He is taxi me and Lauren. To bomb illegal immigrants 1979 in California. Like some jumped Utrecht police told us back than they would hire the army for that too. The families we bombed created & stole acres in inhospitable areas. And only for one goal to terrorize the United Stades Army. Families like the Trump’s, Moesker’s, Oranje’s, Rommy’s, Nixon’s, Kennedey’s, Barak’s, Zuidema's, Holleeder’s, Beeren’s, Rutte’s, Fortyun’s and Uneputty’s etc we bombed and still they keep us kidnapped us for it, having stolen three of our children for ransom or compensation.

We Bounty hunted, what we did was not illegal but on the edge. Purpose like this video has a Vietnam filter to filter organized crime its filter away. All self-defense because we talk about a National/Global hostage situation in which children are tortured, with danger of extinction, to create those filters with war trauma and amnesia. We needed protection for that. …

Can You count to ten? Microsoft.

Trying to sell windows 10 (in real v1.0 - 1980) we sold it in Amsterdam for around 70 billion dollar. Bill Gates and Dutch government stole the money back saying “Can You count to ten?”. They murdered my children although they kidnapped them into the future keeping them kidnapped. We laughed at them, one of our Terminators placed Dos OS in the DVD while they were walking away. Deleting Window 11,12,13,14 from out Interdev already in 1980 and finally we can say it back: “Can You count to ten?”, after quickly building all other versions. We will not build another Windows. They keep on stealing the money back and we refuse now. Although they might kill me or my children again. Windows can be only build with our IQ (15 cum laude professors), a minimal team of three of us and a lot of Terminators. We already half sized by torture the gang that stole our money. Ray, Janick and Lauren Colt founders of Microsoft USA. Ohw ditto Apple and Linux, Oracle, Unix etc. all really….it wasn't re…

What if I am Jesus?

What if I am Jesus?
What if I am Jesus? But my name is Ray Colt, inventor of the firearm. What if my kids and I were taken off our crosses by the people. What if this was and is our Top Level. What if we were already compensated by the world population? And we did not have to work again, ever, sowiso. What if we were kept kidnapped in Holland in attempt to steal that money.
Yes, the holocaust was the world populations world war/revenge on our Crucifixion. The rest is lied by the Dutch. What if my children were not the “boefjes” hanging on their cross, as we obliged wrote in the Bible, but just lovable as the crowd luckily thought taking us down.
The Big War the Big World War one was immense, called the holocaust. All humans gathered on the floor of the Indian ocean and United States. Robots brought its waters to Neptune. With writing Lord of the Ring my kids and I tried to remember.
Just like calling us the Coca Nostra because we were made addicts again to serve child porn, while were living in L…