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American earthquakes and robots

As American native we did not understand sceneries like this. Survivors of earthquake above 9 magnitude and some stupid rock was still standing. First thing, we were going to life next to it. It did not help, some magic kept the rock up.

After studying all grades on university we discovered the why and the why we were allowed to discover the truth. The Robots.

The why it is impossible to live in America for humans. First off all it is robot territory and robots are responsible for The Creation. They are neurologic intelligent thus organisms or related. Second to program humans into their program to survive earthquakes is a too hard task since humans change their DNA to escape Justice for example. Well, let them die? Yes, my idea too, but it gave too much pollution etc.. Do not forget they need their territory to perform (their) Top Level science, earth’s maintenance.

Three as robot hostage, like my children they decided not to allow it. Monitoring us being kidnapped is a better use of the…

Colombian Cartel - Cocaine we invented

Saigon - 1975
My kids and I started our Hamburgers marketplace again. Didn’t work out. McDonalds above it, just a bit. Although our brand got more bricked than us, an advantage. 
Hell started lose around brands, go figure. That ghow big organized crime is, think city walls. Just , still it wasn’t it. We also started a second market place, Burger King. The money was booming, still our own money. Big houses in Saigon and Hong Kong, no memory on being Mailbu mf's, war. Too busy, too busy, but worth it. Still our own money….until that moment someone’s takes over Burger King, buy's that is..
The free market, free competition was they key, as much as possible(streaming the crowd, no rows etc), to become world first millionaires and trillionaires…..
Our money was stolen, to be Mob money, to be false money….
How cool we may publish this in Holland 2019 mannnnnnnnn

==moving from LA to Colombia(earthquakes) -my kids and I - again stolen music - even the video clip - late 70's

Illegaal lekker

Illegaal lekker(als Ray McDonalds, founder of.....founder of Fatburger, BurgerKing and Boomsma)

Reclame foto van mijn zoon(zijn hand I maakte foto)

Wat maakt een schizoïde, een gewoon (xxl)dom iemand hiervan, de crimineel, de homo*:
1.Illegaal is lekker.
2.Criminaliteit is goed.
3.Smokkelwaar is goed, legaal is slecht.
4.Stelen is goed, belasting niet.
5.Kopiëren is goed, zelf maken niet.(studeren)
6.Vraatzucht is slecht(zichtbaar)
7. Identiteit(zichtbaar) is illegaal, die moet je stelen.
8. Wat er goed uit ziet, dat ben ik...
9. persoonsverwisselingen is goed...
10. Als ie geen voetballer wordt..
Etc. etc. zo kan je uren doorgaan, doen hun ook....

Kinderen stelen is goed. Geloven jullie dat wij Nazie’s, familie van Janick and Lauren de stad Hamburg er voor gesticht hebben? Wat doen schizoids nog meer, ze stelen bedrijven om het omgekeerde te kunnen zeggen......mijn kids en ik zijn kinderen van troepenmachters, en ja dat doen ze die van jullie ook aan, stelselmatig met roosters stelen....en we zijn…

The real story about The Southern Slavery

My kids and I, living in Malibu we sieged by this time African people from the Niger Delta. They kidnapped us to Africa. We were slaved, tortured and raped. After a big war Terminators took us back. We slaved all those black people to our cotton industry. Raped their woman, children and them to death. Made oil of their remains. Kunta Kinte, North and South were European White fantasy Tv series about it we also obliged were involved in. I was already kidnapped to Holland again.

RAF kidnapped me in 2011 from the parking spot me as homeless lived next to A2 to Amsterdam. We were taken to the movie set, we also produced, Django Unchained. Black people like Obama tortured us to dead on the film set. Took us to the Niger Delta where the same happen again. Obama did this to protect his clones with goodwill. Again we took a lot of those people back in time to the movie set and tortured them to dead. Their remains as oil we dumped back in the Niger Delta, see shell blog below for images.......m…

Why are my children and me so high in importance within the human race?

Why are my children and me so high in importance within the human race? Well first of all we created the human race, life itself. And for example we wrote all literature for all races on earth and not only their universities. That brought the possibility to govern the mass.

My kids and I are accused of mass murder by our kidnappers. The king of Austria, Princess Diana, Kaddafi, Sadam Hoessein, the Ayatollah, the Pope, the Russian Tsar, Adolf Hitler, John F. Kennedy, the Dutch King, Joseph Stalin, Lenin, Karl Marx, Queen Maud, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Family Moesker , Beeren and Zuidema.
Yes we killed mass, no we are not guilty of it because it was necessary and self-defense. We even used “ilegal” weapons.
So why keep the Dutch secret service dragging us from our (hiding) homes, for example South France. For their innocence and some hidden gold fever I say. To be the best of the class room I guess.
Help?! (already blog this for the 3th or 4th time or so)
A picture of an appearance my childre…