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What if I am Jesus?

What if I am Jesus?
What if I am Jesus? But my name is Ray Colt, inventor of the firearm. What if my kids and I were taken off our crosses by the people. What if this was and is our Top Level. What if we were already compensated by the world population? And we did not have to work again, ever, sowiso. What if we were kept kidnapped in Holland in attempt to steal that money.
Yes, the holocaust was the world populations world war/revenge on our Crucifixion. The rest is lied by the Dutch. What if my children were not the “boefjes” hanging on their cross, as we obliged wrote in the Bible, but just lovable as the crowd luckily thought taking us down.
The Big War the Big World War one was immense, called the holocaust. All humans gathered on the floor of the Indian ocean and United States. Robots brought its waters to Neptune. With writing Lord of the Ring my kids and I tried to remember.
Just like calling us the Coca Nostra because we were made addicts again to serve child porn, while were living in L…